Sami Yaffa - Soundtracker SEASON 2 TRAILER

The world-touring rock star and musician Sami Yaffa explores the music of our little blue planet floating in space.

Sami will travel to locations where rhythm and melody are essential to the cultures and meet people whose identities are inseparable from music. He will document sceneries and soundscapes, smells and flavors, and habits and emotions all while meeting people who are given purpose by music — just like he is, although with very different backgrounds.

Music is the only universal language — the richness and humanity of it all.

Director Otso Tiainen
Cinematographer Juge Heikkiä
Producer Jari Lähteinen, Nanna Tulikoura

1st season (2014) - 8 X 48 min - English language
2nd season (2015) - 6 X 48 min - English language
3rd season (2017) - production
In Finland, Yle Teema 2014 & 2015
Other regions free
2014: Finnish Emmy: Best Music Television Content
2015: Finnish Emmy: Best Documentary Television Content
2017: "Quartely Best" German Record Critics' Award